Why Choose a Bedrock Broker?

August 5, 2016

Bedrock’s brokers care about you as a client, which makes us one of the most reliant and client focused companies in the industry.

When dealing with insurance, you might ask yourself: why you would need to go through the hassle of dealing with a broker, rather than going straight to the insurance company themselves? In this post, we show you the benefits of why using an insurance broker is the best option when it comes to finding quality insurance coverage.

  • No one knows insurance better than our brokers do.

Insurance is one of the most important aspects to our daily life. Some may have little to no experience in the insurance field, and can easily become lost and bewildered about the proper coverage that they need. Our brokers are extremely knowledgeable in the field of insurance and are all licensed and registered to do so through the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO). This ensures that our brokers set the standard of professionalism and are qualified to take care of all questions, inquiries and issues that may arise. Nothing can put a person at ease more, than knowing that all the technicalities are taken care of.

  • Brokers take care of YOU. Our brokers are in a unique position that we’re able to offer a relationship with the client, where you know that every aspect of insurance from top to bottom is being taken care of. A lot of people worry and get frustrated that they can’t deal with someone directly, and don’t get a fair breakdown of the best prices for you. This makes the whole insurance buying process an unpleasant experience. By having a broker, all that stress is eliminated. At Bedrock, we pride ourselves as a team that works with you on a personal level, to guarantee that we leave each client with a solid and positive experience every time we speak with them. Our motto is always taking care and putting the client first, so we’re always on your side ready to help you.


  • Having a broker saves you time. Going through the insurance companies themselves, can be time consuming since you’re not dealing with one person in specific. Having a broker ensures that any question, issue or inquiry is only a short phone call away, so you can communicate with us according to your schedule! By building client-broker relationships, we’re familiar with you and your ongoing insurance needs and can act accordingly. We give you the personal advice you need to make the best decision.


  • We give you choices.

Bedrocks brokers have a wide selection of companies that they deal with, so we work with you personally to find the best prices from across the market, know the value of your money and advocate for you on your behalf. We bring our experience and judgment to our role as your personal insurance advisor. Having all the work done for you by the broker seems like a pretty easy choice to make.

It’s important to get the best and most professional help you can on a personal level. This makes the entire process of dealing with an insurance company a lot smoother and less intimidating. When it comes down to it, having a broker is the best option you can make, rather than going straight to the insurance company. Contact Bedrock to speak with one of our brokers today, to experience the service that sets us apart!

Check out this video of why a broker is the best option for you: