5 Reasons Why Buying Insurance Directly Online Can be Problematic

August 19, 2016

Shopping for insurance online on your own is bound to be a breeze right? Well, when you’re looking to insure things that are valuable to you such as your jewelry, car, home or business and aren’t getting any professional advice, it might end up costing you more down the road if there is a claim. In this blog post we discuss why using an insurance broker will make your life easier and your insurance experience a less intimidating one.

1.There are a lot of fine details. When it comes to shopping for insurance on your own, generally your primary focus is on the premium price and not so much in the finer details. This can be a problem since it’s possible you could miss an important minor detail on your policy that you don’t have a full understanding of.

2. Direct vendors strategize the market. When it comes to dealing with a direct vendor, you are merely another client for them to market to. For example, Geico’s main slogan is “15 minutes can save you 15% on car insurance”. Even though this sounds like a bargain, using companies like these can do more harm than good and end up costing you more. Direct vendors don’t give you the option to create a client-broker relationship.

3. Insurance lingo isn’t simple. Unless you work in the insurance industry, it’s impossible to know every single detail about your coverage and if you’re truly getting the best price all-around. Some have never handled finances on their own before, or aren’t as familiar with insurance lingo as brokers are and want to fully understand where they are putting their money into.  If you aren’t exactly sure which insurance options are better for you, you would greatly benefit from sitting down with a broker, who can not only sit down and go over all your options with you, but can negotiate with other insurance companies they work with on your behalf. Brokers are also extremely knowledgeable on the financial side, so when a broker sits down with you, they understand all the clients’ financial circumstances and find coverage that will work with what you are able to afford.

4. Do you have the time? Finding and purchasing insurance online means a lot of your personal time needs to go into researching for coverage, finding the right fit and identifying your priorities, which is a daunting task. If you’re not careful, it could really affect your policy in the future. Why get caught up in that stress yourself, when you could hand that responsibility to the professionals.

5. Lacks customer service. This is why most people feel more comfortable and confident using an insurance broker. You can ask them any question you are unsure of about your policy and will adjust any changes accordingly. This often cannot be done when purchasing insurance online, since it lacks the customer service and knowledge that brokers pride themselves in giving their clients. Brokers can adjust your limits and/or deductibles without sacrificing the important coverage that you need resulting in a policy that is tailored just for you and your wallet.


When insuring your valuables, never take a risk and search out coverage on your own. Brokers know their job and get it done for you. Here at Bedrock, our client-broker relationships are one of the primary foundations to our company. When you put your trust in us, we deliver exceptional and quality service you deserve.

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