Hurricane Protection

November 21, 2016

With the recent event of Hurricane Matthew hitting the eastern coast of America, it’s become important for everyone to take the necessary precautions to prevent their home from suffering. In this blog post we go through some tips on how to protect your home from severe water damage.

Even though Canadians don’t experience hurricanes on severe levels, nevertheless any amount of water can create damage to your property. It’s easy to take the steps to brace yourself, your family and your home from water damage, which can be costly and difficult to recover from. Whenever your local news or radio stations issue a severe storm warning, here are some steps to take in order to get through the storm safely:

Get Prepared
• When a severe storm hits, stay indoors and always make sure all windows, doors, skylights and garage doors are securely shut. Any amount of water can create severe damage to your structure. If there are any cracks in your windows or doors, do your best to cover it up before more water gets in and repair it immediately after the storm.
• Hurricanes are usually forecasted a day or so in advance, so if there is one forecasted; make sure to cut any loose or dead branches to reduce the possibility of it being a danger to your house in the event of a storm.
• Put away any potted plants, gardening tools, barbeques and toys so it doesn’t create a hazard during the storm.
• Do thorough inspections of your roof before storms hit. Any loose shingles can be a dangerous projectile during a storm and are extremely susceptible to high winds. Make sure to get any necessary repairs fixed before storms hit.
• Not only is the roof an important aspect to check, a lot of people ignore the garage door. It’s one of the most vulnerable places in the house that can get destroyed during a storm. Many garage doors aren’t reinforced, so when wind hits it, it creates a pushing and pulling motion on the door making it more likely for it to fly off. Make sure it’s properly reinforced and firmly shut so there’s no fear of water or wind negatively affecting it.
• Take inventory! When you go through a rough storm, one of the last things you want to do is worry about all your possessions. “Having an inventory will make the process of getting through the claim and getting back to normal so much easier”, says Ray Stone vice-president of catastrophe operations for Travelers Insurance. If you make an inventory list, it’ll give you piece of mind knowing you will have one less thing to worry about when there’s a severe storm.
• Review & update your insurance. Water claims are on the rise in Canada, with water being the number one threat to your home. It’s best to review your insurance coverage before hurricane season, so you have an understanding of what your coverage entails.

How do you Benefit From Bedrock?
Being ready and prepared a hurricane is all you can do to avoid and lessen the amount of damage to your property. However you don’t need to worry about all the fine details when you’re insured with Bedrock. Our elite brokers understand you and your needs throughout any circumstance. Our brokers are highly knowledgeable and experienced to actively assess each client and what they need, so in the event of a storm or any other accident, we are prepared to offer our clients efficient and timely services so they could get back to what’s important.

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