Safe Driving Is For Everyone

July 18, 2017

Driving is a great freedom, which can allow you to not only get your much-needed errands done and helps you get to school or work, but also let’s you explore places you might not have been able to see. However, a car can be a dangerous mechanism that can result in serious accidents if road laws are not properly followed. In this blog, we go through some tips and advice on how to be the best and safest driver you can be on the road, and some distractions that you may not think are that dangerous, but can pose a serious risk.

First, let’s start with the drivers that need to be equipped with the most knowledge of safe driving – the newly licensed drivers. As much as you prepared for the moment you finally have the freedom to get behind the wheel, there is also a big responsibility that comes with it. Simple things that you learn in driving school actually make a big difference when driving. We’ve broken down some important tips and things to be aware of when you get behind the wheel, as well as things to avoid for your safety.

Speed Limits & Seatbelts

Obeying the speed limits is crucial, since it won’t be difficult to regain control of your car in emergency situations like icy roads or a car suddenly breaking in front of you, since going fast gives you less time to stop safely. Another simple way to keep you and your passenger’s safe on the road is by wearing your seatbelt. This has proven to be a significantly important tool in preventing fatalities as well as it being the law to wear one while in the car. A failure in this and the driver can receive a fine as well as demerit points. A simple click of a seatbelt can make a world of a difference.

Distracted Driving
One of most common causes of car accidents has been those that are distracted while driving. This has become a significant problem with those who use their cellphones, whether it is talking, texting or scrolling through your music while driving their car. Because driving requires you to have focus and eyes on all parts of the road around you, talking on the phone or texting is a significant distraction, that can cause you to be unaware of your surroundings and possible pedestrians around you, which may wind you up in an accident. We could never stress enough how dangerous and reckless distracted driving is and encourage all drivers to not use their phones while driving, it can wait.

To some, having working lights might not seem like the biggest deal, you’ll get them fixed when you have the time right? Well making sure all headlights, taillights and brake lights are working is actually a very important step. If your lights aren’t working, things like signaling, braking and the vision of the roads are unknown to both you and the drivers around you. Doing quick routine checkup of your car to make sure all parts are working is a simple way to avoid getting ticketed, fined or even in an accident.

In Canada, we experience our fair share of various forms of weather, and with it comes different expectations of driving. Winter is what brings some of the most precarious obstacles while driving. When is snows, the ground underneath can form a sheet of black ice, making it difficult to see how slippery the roads actually are. Snowstorms can also decrease visibility of the road immensely. With these road conditions in mind, it’s important to remember that going slower than usual can decrease your chances of sliding and veering on the icy and stormy winter roads and increase more control of your car and being able to better follow the road in front of you.

Road Signs
In driving school, road signs are one of the first things you learn about. This piece of education shouldn’t go unnoticed. These signs are important to understand for being able to understand things like merging lanes, sharp road curves and wildlife. In the city however, you can expect there to be a lot more signs on the road. For example, there may be signs below traffic lights of when you are and are not allowed to turn, park or drive down streets between certain times. There may also be sings of which lanes are designated for certain vehicles like buses and carpool lanes. Brushing up on these road signs can safely help you be aware of the roads you drive on. The city is also a place where a lot of construction and road fixtures take place, so remember to go slower through construction zones and increase your following distance on the road ahead to properly prepare to merge due to closed lanes.

Routine Maintenance
If you’re taking a car out of storage, remember to do a maintenance check on it, to ensure that all parts of the car like the engine, fluid levels, lights and brakes are all in working order. Doing this will decrease your chances of having your car break down or getting into an accident.

Get Insured
Last and certainly not least, being insured is a crucial part of operating a vehicle. Having car insurance is legally required for all drivers and vehicles. The road is one of the highest ranked locations where accidents occur, so being insured gives you the peace of mind in the event you are in one. Insurance can also provide support financially in case your car is ever stolen, vandalized or damaged. Driving without car insurance is illegal, so when getting a new car, adding a driver etc., getting insured right away is of the upmost importance.

Driving is all about awareness. If you are aware, understand and apply the rules of the road to your driving, it’s a great way to increase your regions of exploration. At Bedrock, we want all our clients to be the most prepared they can be when getting behind the wheel. Not only can we help you with blogs like this, but we can make sure you have coverage that we proudly stand behind. Auto Insurance is one of the many areas of insurance we thrive in, which is why so many clients trust Bedrock to keep them insured! Call us today to get your personalized quote with us!

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