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5 Reasons Why Buying Insurance Directly Online Can be Problematic

Shopping for insurance online on your own is bound to be a breeze right? Well, when you’re looking to insure things that are valuable to you such as your jewelry, car, home or business and aren’t getting any professional advice, it might end up costing you more down the road if there is a claim. In this blog post we discuss why using an insurance broker will make your life easier and your insurance experience a less intimidating one. (more…)

How Some Insurance Companies are Undercutting the Market

The housing market is seen to be the most precarious of markets these days. And you would often think that your insurance company would have your best interest in mind. However, often-times insurance companies lower the dwelling value of your home to have cheaper rates. They are never going to sell your home, just insure it. So do they know the real worth of your home?

Why Choose a Bedrock Broker?

When dealing with insurance, you might ask yourself: why you would need to go through the hassle of dealing with a broker, rather than going straight to the insurance company themselves? In this post, we show you the benefits of why using an insurance broker is the best option when it comes to finding quality insurance coverage.