Builder’s Risk Insurance

Any time there is a home improvement project happening, there should also be a builder’s risk insurance policy covering the upgrade. This type of coverage applies to small renovations, high rise buildings and other residential buildings. At Bedrock Insurance, we may be experts in providing coverage for wood construction projects, but any home upgrade in Toronto, ON can be improved with the right policy.

The coverage and limits of our builder’s risk insurance can be specifically tailored to meet your unique needs or the needs of your current project. We may even be able to insure a project that has already been started. Here are just a few of the options that may be available to you:


Coverage for the value of your materials and workmanship at a specific property.
Evolving coverage that works with the progressive stages a building project goes through.
Liability coverage in case of defect or damage.


The value of your project in Toronto increases rapidly as it nears completion. The right policy can protect builders from financial harm.



Whether you have a small renovation that needs to be completed or you’re planning out a high rise building, builder’s risk insurance can provide an added level of protection for your business. Instead of operating with unnecessary risk, contact Bedrock Insurance today to discuss the needs of your project. Dial 416-907-2130 for a free, no obligation conversation to see how affordable it can be to be protected from the unexpected.