Safe Driving Is For Everyone

Driving is a great freedom, which can allow you to not only get your much-needed errands done and helps you get to school or work, but also let’s you explore places you might not have been able to see. However, a car can be a dangerous mechanism that can result in serious accidents if road laws are not properly followed. In this blog, we go through some tips and advice on how to be the best and safest driver you can be on the road, and some distractions that you may not think are that dangerous, but can pose a serious risk. Continue reading “Safe Driving Is For Everyone”

To List or Not to List? Disclosing Drivers on Your Auto Policy

Some may not think it, but listing all drivers in your household is of the upmost importance. Failing to do so, can be detrimental to your policy. This is a common mistake that some aren’t aware of making. Our blogs are here to help you maintain knowledge and confidence in all things insurance. Read more to find out why listing drivers is such a crucial step. Continue reading “To List or Not to List? Disclosing Drivers on Your Auto Policy”