Commission Disclosure

Thank you for being a Bedrock Insurance. We appreciate the confidence you have placed in us, and we will to continue work hard on your behalf to earn your trust and goodwill. Our goal is to arrange the appropriate insurance protection for you, combining sound advice with coverage tailored to meet your needs. Whether you are a new client or a loyal long term client, experiencing good claims results or in times of trouble, we want to be there for you. It’s important to note that we serve as your advisor and as your guide, We are on “your side” and we represent you. (That’s what a great insurance broker should do!)

How We Get Paid For Our Services
For the services we provide to you, we receive a percentage of your insurance premium, as a commission, paid to us by your Insurance Company. Below, we have listed the Property & Casualty Insurance Companies with whom we have contracts (and also other insurance markets that do not require a contract, with whom we do business with on a regular basis, together with the range of compensation each provides, as a percentage of your overall premium. For a printed copy of this information, feel free to contact us. This commission percentage is paid to us, each policy term, for both new policies and renewals.

Our firm is privately owned, and completely independent. There is no direct or indirect ownership interest by any Insurance Company or Financial Institution. We confirm that there are no conflicts of interest in our relationship with you, and that our overall recommendations to you are based on our understanding and assessment of your needs.

If you have any questions, or if we can assist you or someone else you know, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We have a dedicated, dynamic, and well-educated team, with specialists in many different insurance disciplines, including business and commercial insurance, personal home and auto insurance, group insurance, surety bonds and life and disability insurance.

Insurance Company Or Intermediary

Personal Auto And Umbrella 

Personal Property 

Commercial Auto And Surety 

Commercial Property

Ace INA N/A N/A N/A 12.5% to 20%
Aviva 8% to 15.5% 8% to 24% 7.5% to 25% 15% to 20%
Canada World Wide N/A 10% to 15% N/A 10% to 15%
Chartis Insurance N/A N/A 10% to 15% 10% to 20%
Chesterfield Cda N/A 10% to 15% N/A 10% to 15%
Chieftain 12.5% 12.5% N/A N/A
Chubb  N/A 15% N/A N/A
Coast Underwriters N/A 20% N/A N/A
Core Underwriting  N/A 10% to 15% N/A 10% to 15%
Cowan Group N/A 15% N/A N/A
Creechurch N/A 10% to 15% N/A 10% to 15%
Economical Insurance 10% to 12.5% 20% to 25% 7.5% to 12.5% 20% to 25%
Economical Select 10% 17% N/A N/A
Elliot Special Risk N/A N/A N/A 10%
Encon N/A N/A N/A 10%
Group One N/A 10% to 12.5% N/A 10% to 15%
Guarantee Company of North America N/A N/A 10% to 27.5% N/A
Intact Insurance 10% to 12.5% 15% to 20% 10% to 12.5% 20%
Jevco 5% to 13.5% N/A 15% to 25% 10% to 20%
Marine Expert N/A 20% N/A N/A
Pembridge Insurance 10% to 12.5% 20% 12.5% 20% to 24%
Pafco Insurance 10% to 12.5% N/A N/A N/A
Premier Marine N/A 10% to 15% N/A 10% to 15%
Royal Insurance (Facility) 7.5% (Max $310 Fee) N/A 6% to 10% N/A
RSA Insurance 10% to 12.5% 15% to 20% 10% to 12.5% 20%
Southwestern Group N/A 12.5% to 15% N/A 7.5% to 15%
Travelers 10% to 12.5% 20% 7.5% to 12% 15% to 20%
Travelers Guarantee N/A N/A 10% to 27.5% N/A
Trisura N/A N/A 10% to 27.5% N/A
Wawanesa 10% to 12.5% 17.5% to 20% 12.5% 20%
Zurich N/A N/A 7.5% to 25% 10% to 20%