Contractor Liability Insurance

If you are performing contract work in the Toronto, ON area, then you need to have contractor liability insurance. A policy which covers the needs of your business can help you to control costs, reduce your risks and even prevent unnecessary costs. Bedrock Insurance helps contractors, subcontractors and those performing contract work to protect their equipment, their office and even specific job site needs.

If you have a job in the Toronto area that requires specific insurance, then one call to Bedrock Insurance is all it takes to find and implement an effective solution. We offer same day quotes and coverage for all basic trades within the construction industry. Here are just a few of the options your business may wish to consider in addition to your general liability coverage:


Surety bonds.
An installation floater.
Builder’s risk.


Contractor liability insurance helps to cover those unexpected moments that can happen at any time. Don’t put your employees, your assets or even your business at risk. We will help you identify where your risk points happen to be and design a policy that will help to prevent the potential losses you may face. This way you can focus on what you do best: performing outstanding work.

Without an insurance policy that covers every aspect of your trade, you are operating with unnecessary risk. Contact Bedrock Insurance today at 416-907-2130 for a free conversation about your business, and how together we can help to minimize the risks you face in trying to earn a paycheck.