High Value Homes

High value homes in Toronto, ON have unique insurance needs. There are specific items which deserve to be covered by a customized policy that only a specialty insurer like Bedrock Insurance may be able to provide. This industry is consistently evolving to provide you with better coverage options and we believe the service that you deserve is personally tailored to meet the needs of your property.

A standard homeowner’s policy may not be right for your home if it has been valued at $750k or above. Does your current insurance protect these assets properly?


  • Jewelry protection –  Many standard homeowner’s policies have a limit on jewelry coverage. With coverage for a high value home, this protection level is enhanced.
  • Wine collections – With bottles that may cost several thousand dollars, this specific coverage will give you the added protection you deserve.
  • Art protection – This covers all risk and replacement costs.
  • Personal access liability – This coverage is more than just medical payments. It may include coverage for libel and slander or your financial tools, such as your credit cards.


Bedrock Insurance understands that you have worked hard to attain your current financial status. Our policies are individually tailored to make sure something unforeseen can take that away in just an instant.

From the home appraisal to the specific asset coverage that you need for your high value home in Toronto, we can help make sure your insurance is working to protect you as it should. Contact us today at 416-907-2130 for a no obligation conversation to see how a personally tailored policy could protect everything you own in a better way!