What is Guaranteed Replacement cost?


A guaranteed replacement cost means that if the damage exceeds the policy limit, the insurance company is required to pay for the entire cost of replacing or repairing the damage of the property without reduction or deprecation.


What is Accident Forgiveness?


This is one feature of an auto insurance policy. This protects the driver from an increased rate if they get into a car accident where they are found at-fault or partially- at-fault. This usually only applies to the drivers first at-fault accident.


Can I get a discount for using the same company for home and auto?


Yes. This bundle is convenient in many ways:

  •  You can save up to 15% on each policy
  •  When the policies go out, both can be sent to you together, so you only have to worry about insurance once a year
  •  Aligned renewal dates
  •  Potential complimentary features, like disappearing deductible- which means that your deductible decreases by 20% every year that you are claims free, until you have no deductible


Can I get a discount on winter tires?


Yes. Effective January 1st, 2016, all insurance companies in the province of Ontario are required to provide a discount on winter tires. This optional discount is designed as an incentive for drivers to use winter tires and improve road safety. The discounts range from 2%-5% and vary from company to company. As well, some insurance companies only offer the discount at certain times of the year. Reach out to Bedrock and ask us about winter tire discounts for the upcoming season!


Can I pay monthly?


Yes. Generally there are three different payment plans available for clients:


1. Payment in Full

This is one upfront payment at the start of your policy. This option can be done through internet/telephone banking, credit card, money order or cheque.


2. 3 Pay

This option lets you pay in installments:

  •  1st installment – due on the effective date of your policy
  •  2nd installment – due three months after the effective date
  •  3rd installment – due six months after the effective date

This option can be done through internet/telephone banking, credit card, money order or cheque.


3. Monthly Plan

This payment plan will automatically withdraw directly from your bank account on a monthly basis for a fee of 1 – 3 % The first installment is usually withdrawn from the effective date.

Few insurance companies give you the option to pay monthly through your credit card. Here at Bedrock we give you that option, as well as being able to pay through 3rd party companies.


For any other specific questions, feel free to contact us at: 416-907-2130