Life and Group Insurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a subject nobody wants to talk about, but everybody should. At Bedrock Insurance, our Toronto-based insurance brokers are skilled in finding the right policy to fit your needs and to give you peace of mind.

Disability/Critical Illness Insurance

Our disability insurance policies will protect you and your family by protecting your income if an illness or injury prevents you from performing your job. Financial stability during times of disease can help speed recovery, reduce stress on family members and protect your assets.

Employee Group Health and Benefits

Your employees work hard, and they deserve the best from their employer. Our experienced insurance brokers will help you get everything you need to take care of the people who look after your business, all while making sure you’re not paying for any of the unnecessary add-ons that come with cookie-cutter policies.

Key Person Insurance

Many companies have a key individual that are crucial to their business and someone that the company would struggle to function without. These policies insure that these key personnel are securely protected.