Professional Liability

You do a great job every day. You always give 100%. The only problem is that the nature of being human is that there is a risk of an error or omission happening despite your best intentions. Even if unintended, an error or omission can lead to claims that your performance is negligent. Every business should protect itself and their employees from such a situation in Toronto, ON. That’s why Bedrock Insurance offers professional liability insurance policies that can be tailored to meet your needs.


In the modern business world, there are professional liability risks everywhere for businesses in every industry. Is your business involved in any of these practices?


Online commerce – Did you know that a data breach could fall under a professional liability clam today?
Outsourcing –  If you have others working on your behalf, the actions of the third party could come back to become your responsibility.
Intellectual property –  Even an unintended violation of someone’s intellectual property can create a costly and complex issue.


As your Toronto business evolves and grows, so does your professional liability risks. You need to have a policy that can adapt to your changing situations so that an error, an omission or negligence won’t cause your business to close.


If you have looked at your professional liability insurance coverage in some time or are not sure if you’re covered for errors and omissions, then contact us today. Call us at 416-907-2130 so we can not only identify your potential risk points, but can also create a customized policy that will protect you against those risks in an effective way.